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NEW Reed and Seaweed Mower Machine AZ 100

Aquatic mower for reeds, seaweed and bulrush applicable to all types of water reserv and affluents.

Pipe structure reinforced with chemical treatment, increasing its resistence to rusting.

Modular plastic guard flotation, fitted and high resistant to hits and friction wear, protected against UV rays and easy exchange of its parts.

Hydraulic system built with high quality components, tough and with minimun heating.

Cutting system specially designed for this machine, that guarantee maximun cutting capacity and minimun waste.

Cutting width: 2,50 mts.

Flotation lenght: 5 mts.

Equipped with anti-friction Roller ® system.

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Aquatic Weed Mower

Aquatic Weed Mower

Aquatic Weed Mower

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