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farming industry

Alazán is an argentinean company designing and producing high technology knives and cutting systems for harvesters. Since 1946 it has been developing and manufacturing complete platforms, knives, guards and all kinds of accesories, which are commercialized worldwide.

Alazán's quality is acknowledged nationally and internationally, as a consequence of working restlessly in innovation, technology and search for original designs, many of which have been patented in Argentina and in other countries of America.

Alazán´s exclusive production processes are supported by a consistent engineering department and conformed to strict quality standards.

Alazán continually invests in research by carrying out common works together with INTA (National Institute of Agriculture and Livestock Technology) from Argentina, aimed at developing new harvesting systems in order to minimize waste while harvesting.

Alazán exports its production to more than twelve countries including Brazil, United States, Chile, Italy, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Bolivia, Germany, Guatemala, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru among others, leading the domestic market with outstanding quality and service. It supplies products to all agricultural machinery factories as well as advice to research organizations.

Our customers

Alazán is a leader in supplying cutting systems both to agricultural and livestock producers and to major internacional agricultural enterprises using Alazán knives as components.



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